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is a reported leading contender to lead the fbi. lisa monaco currently is president obama's counterterrorism adviser. "the washington post" says she's next in line after robert mueller steps down after 12 years on the job. >>> new york cardinal timothy dolan says the catholic church should be more welcoming to gay people. he tells abc the catholic church loves gays and lesbians despite its opposition to same-sex marriage. >> we've got to do better to see that our defense of marriage is not reduced to an attack on gay people. and i admit, we haven't been too good at that. >>> on the resort island nation of mauritius off the southeast coast of africa, massive flooding has killed at least ten. many of the victims were swept away by fast-rising waters. look at that. more than six inches of rain fell in less than one hour and more is expected. >>> and a purse snatcher in australia runs head first into a glass window, and it's all caught on tape. the man allegedly stole a purse from a 50-year-old woman at a mall in perth. security cameras show the culprit running and crashing into the glass, knock
, washington. >>> at the white house today, president obama announced a major research project to unlock the mysteries of the human brain. the $100 million initiative would fund pure scientific research and produce leads toward treating brain disorders from autism and strokes to alzheimer's. scientists say they welcome the chance to spend money on research at a time when science budgets are getting squeezed. but it's not clear whether congress will actually approve this spending. >>> the state attorney general in arkansas is now investigating the break of an exxon mobil pipeline that sent thousands of gallons of crude oil flowing down the street into a residential neighborhood over easter weekend. the leak is bringing a lot of attention to our national network of pipelines, and re-igniting debate over another notable pipeline project. our report tonight from our chief environmental affairs correspondent anne thompson. >> reporter: from the air, it looks like a dark stain on this neighborhood. 20 miles north of little rock. >> the smell is unbelievable. i mean, look. incredible. and that
. >>> the obama administration is pushing banks to make more mortgages available to people with weaker credit. "the washington post" reports critics say the move could lead to the same risky lending that caused the housing crisis. >>> and #earnings. the s.e.c. will now let companies make major announcements on facebook and twitter that could move their stock. current rules require all investors to receive significant news at the same time. from cnbc's global headquarters, i'm bertha coombs. back to you. >>> now to business where a couple of recalls. subaru is recalling more than 200,000 legacy and outback models from 2005 to 2009. for possible corrosion in brake lines. >>> to a tyson recall of 127,000 pounds of uncooked breaded chicken tenderloins because they are not labeled as containing soy which is an allergen. >>> rapper and recording mogul jay-z adds a new title. sports agent. beyonce's husband signed new york yankees second baseman cano. he's teaming up with sports to form rock nation sports. >>> billionaire investor carl icahn snapped up a stake in nuance communications between dragon
crisis escalates. >> the obama plan, at least for now, as he comes to california is to take precautions but grant no concessions. live in washington, i'm steve handelsman, nbc bay area news. >> steve, thank you so much for the update. >>> and governor jerry brown is on his way to china next week hoping to bring billions to new investments for the state. california is china's third largest trading partner. the top exports? computers, electronics and scrap. the governor will encourage tourism and greenhouse gas productions. they will open a privately funded state trade-off in shanghai, as well. >>> and a disturbing video going viral. today, rutger's university firing their basketball coach. the decision came after this video surfaced showing mike rice, physically and verbally abusing his players during practice. in a statement, the university said they did discipline rice when they first discovered the video last fall and forced him to attend anger management. but the video went viral, and angered many in the rutgers community and across the area. his actions shocked the fellow players an
conducted routine drills. the obama said they are taking the threat seriously. seoul brushed it off saying it was tough talk. >>> veterans in san jose have their own memorial. ♪ volunteers unveiled the memor l memorial, it reassembles the memorial in washington, d.c., it honors the 142 men from san jose are were killed in the war and one who is still missing in action family and friends and men that served with them were attending. >> now you can touch them and see them and remember them. >> volunteers need to raise $80,000 for maintenance costs there. >>> two people are recovering tonight after their car plunged into a waterway in vallejo today, it happened at 8:00 this morning when a truck went off the bridge into the water below. one person was taken to the hospital and suffered internal injuries the other was not seriously injured. the police are still investigating the cause of the accident. >>> well firefighters and law enforcement officers in the bay area held an unusual drill today. san jose's fire department teamed up for the drill at the county's main yale. they simulated a fi
'donnell in washington tonight. kelly, thanks. >>> now to the economy and the environment could be on a bit of a collision course tonight with the obama administration's new proposals for tighter emissions controls for cars that could, in turn, raise the price of gas. our report tonight from nbc's stephanie gosk. >> reporter: at this rest stop in new jersey, the verdict is clear. cleaner air is good. >> everyone wants cleaner air. >> reporter: high gas prices are bad. >> it's ridiculous. i drive for a living. it's ridiculous for me. >> reporter: but can drivers have one without the other? the epa announced a clean air proposal today that would reduce sulfur emissions by two-thirds and impose new tailpipe emissions standards for 2017 cars and later. the federal agency says that by 2030, the regulations would prevent as many as 2,400 premature deaths and help 23,000 children avoid breathing issues per year. but the proposal would also raise gas prices. by just 1 cent per gallon says the epa. >> most health benefits of the premature deaths and the respiratory illnesses avoided, that's going to
barack obama, david axelrod. former congressman and chairman of the national republican campaign committee, former virginia james davis, peggy noonan of the washington street journal. welcome all. we'll talk about two hours of show into one hour. david axelrod on immigration, a lot of republicans don't believe the president wants to sign immigration bill this year. they believe he wants the politics, he wants the political issue because it's been so successful for democrats. >> i understand their paranoia because it was a terribly difficult issue for them and continues to be. he wants this accomplishment. this is a legacy item for him. there is no doubt in my mind he wants to pass comprehensive immigration reform. >> tom davis, can republicans even start talking to hispanics on other issues if this issue isn't put behind them no matter how it turns 0 out? >> first of all, they'll get a vote. you may get like we did it in 2006, a house version and senate version. at that point everybody will have their talking points. the answer is, sure. i think the conversation will continue and
assault charges as well as charges of being under the influence. >>> president obama wraps up his bay area visit later today less than 24 hours after it began. he'll attend two fund-raisers hosted at private homes today before heading back to washington. >>> and the cal women's basketball team are on the move after a send-off at the pavilion. the team will take off from oakland international airport heading to new orleans for the final four in the ncaa tournament. >>> after the break, we'll have a look at weather and traffic. >>> welcome back. the time now, 9:28. most of the heavy rainfall pushing into the central valley. light, spotty activity up in the north bay. it's going to take a while for the roads to dry out. looking nice and dry for the big game tomorrow. the giants' home opener, 1:35, 59 degrees. your seven-day outlook in just a few minutes. let's check the drive with anthony. >> things are slow in oakland. 880 northbound moving very slow. you can see from our skycam, barely moving at all. lots of congestion. typical slow spot. in fremont, things clear up a bit. hayward and whipp
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8